Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) is the foreigner in our neck of the woods. The beginnings of stocking Slovenian Rivers with Rainbow Trout date back to 1890, this is why many fishermen now consider it as a part of this ‘new’ environment. The fact is that this fish species in very adaptable and has since produced viable populations in numerous Slovenian rivers, where they spawn naturally. Despite this, fishing clubs are still stocking them in large numbers, at least at easily accesible places like bridges over rivers. Large numbers of this fish in a wild stream sure cause inballances, but for some, they are still highly prized and targeted fish for Fly fishing.

With its bright colours, energetic behaviour and insatiable appetite they sure make a great Fly fishing species and when you add their size and the fact that they are good fighters once hooked, it is hard to be against them. But let’s be objective and clear, they are making the life of native fish harder and times of stocking them in large numbers should be over. In Slovenia you can find them in mostly every river, but there sure are remote parts of rivers where you can’t find them.