Leeway Collective Institute for Promotion and Protection of Aquatic Ecosystems, is the registered NGO behind the Balkan River Defence movement, Balkan Rivers Tour project and the documentary The Undamaged.



Being able to experience a free flowing river and follow her flow for 270 km makes you a different person. A river in Europe still provides experience like this. In Greece, where she starts her path and carves the most amazing deep canyons they call her Aoos, in Albania, where her flow gets bigger and finally reaches the Ionian Sea, they call her Vjosa. Nature there still is the one in charge – riverbed changes seasonally with high waters, animals and plants thrive in places without human presence and even near towns that are situated just on the riverbanks.

When travelling on and around this amazing river we got to see some most amazing places, meet some extremely simple and loving people, had experiences that we will remember for the rest of our lives and most important – we fell in love with this place and river. We believe everyone in our shoes would feel the same. This is why it is our responsibility to protect these astounding ecosystems and say no to dams that are not needed at all.

In order to have firm arguments in this fight for the river we were trying hard to catch trout in the deepest of canyons – we took tissue samples of 5 beautiful fish and it turned out that genetic diversity there is amazing – worth further investigation and protection.

After all – we still believe that humans are more than just energy collecting species!



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The true sense of adventure appears when you have no plan at all – living from day to day will bring you closer to places and experiences that you once unconsciously dreamed about. It is spontaneous living and coincidence that know the paths to the most astounding places, people and experiences…

A never ending intimate relation between human being and Mother Nature becomes even more evident in tight gorges and remote valleys where you feel so amazingly insignificant – just as small as we really are.

We kayakers like spending time with rivers and streams that are vivacious and steep.  To find them one should search around high mountains that stop and squeeze the clouds when they are rushing from ocean to the inland and catch this amazing cycle where it is most vibrant. Andes in South American Chile and Argentina provide all above and much more. This is a part of our beautiful planet where unknown still exists and gives you an opportunity to really get to know who you are.


From the sky to the earth,  from earth the to the stream, from the stream to the waterfall. We’ve meet there, where water is abundant. Since the dawn of time, the water is among Earth’s most important elements. It constantly cycles and tirelessly carries energy around. We are constantly trying to meet her in all the special places at special occasions and experience her energy in one of the most impressive forms – waterfalls.

This time we headed to a hidden gorge in the middle of a dark alpine forest located in Slovenia. We could feel the power of the stream, raging throught the day and night.


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Sometimes the more unknowns you bring in the equation the more interesting it gets. Then again we are talking about kayaking, not maths…

Nature has shown it’s cruel power to Slovenian land. Rivers were impossible to paddle due to huge trees in the stream. So we packed our kayak gear, and headed to the nearest gorge. When in doubt, improvise, and you’ll came out with a good idea. We’ve decided that snow can also be a friend to kayakers.

Also, snowy rooftops.

– Some of the photos above were featured in a Kayak session magazine, Issue 49.


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The valley so exceptional that it defines people’s characters.

For us it is not a valley, it is The Valley. It is the place of freedom, looseness, inspiration and joy. Combining everything a man needs; pristine steep rivers, shear mountain slopes, rock walls, countless trails, unspoiled nature and good friends. We find it hard not to visit it every weekend.

Situated at a sunny side of Alps it possesses a distinct atmosphere that brings people to sane and together.




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Catching a fish is not a priority when fishing in a place like this. Mysteries call this part of land, where waters come and go, home.

Who says that Europe has no jungle? In this place you can find more than one parallel. Here, air is filled with thousands of sounds, colours and stories. It is (sadly) one of rare places, where nature seems to outpower mankind, as the lake waters come and go each year unexpectedly. Although, people have tried to dry out the lake since mid 19.century. Despite all, intermittent lake Cerknica remains haven for wildlife till this days.



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Riding on cultural heritage in midst of mountains on fresh summer break morning. Smile on the face, sparkles in the eyes. 

Shredding tight channel between two little lakes is more than just speed and fun. The channel is a part of bigger project, built in late 1800s in order to provide nearby ironworks with power supply. At that time, waters from the little lakes powered biggest turbine of its kind in the world.  This was the start of region’s electrification and it still remains in it’s function with almost no changes. In meanwhile nature did her job of making look the whole place even better.  With that in mind rushing down a canal is even more coulorful experience.

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When work is pleasure, you know that you are doing the right thing. It is not just about what you do, it is about where you do it. Paddling, standing up or not, in this part of paradise is one step beyond. When day is calling goodbye and all your senses are awake the feeling is so damn good…

For Sandiline.

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For some people the river is home. The place of escape, the place of tranquility and freedom… 

Fly fishing is an art. Or maybe it is chess… Some even call it sport. For us it is everything mentioned and more. It is a way of living, as only true observer can really appreciate and enjoy in fly fishing. It is a momentary entrance in an ecosystem, that brings feelings that heal and invigorate a man’s soul. 

For sure it is not one thing – simply catching fish.



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DEFEND the remaining free flowing rivers of Europe. 

EXPOSE hydropower as unsustainable energy. 

PROVIDE alternatives through science, education, creativity + adventure sports.

SUPPORT a network of local river activists.