Leeway Collective embodies an unique intersection between outdoor sports and science. We have been involved in multiple projects where we use our kayaks as a means to safely access inaccessible riverine ecosystems.

Remote and technical river sections are our playground. Experience and safety knowledge combined with Rok’s biology degree and experience in sampling fish, water, insects, algae etc. enables us to save time and money from research projects by bringing samples back from remote locations. If necessary, we can also bring your research team on location via raft to perform the research or gather data yourself.

Our assistance can speed up the process, bring research costs down and provide a safe and fun research experience, while simultaneously connecting people who are passionate about river ecosystems and their inhabitants, but possess different approaches and insights on protecting them.

If you are a member of research institute/scientist/lab technician in need of help getting some specific samples of plants, fish tissue, algae etc. contact us via email home@leeway-collective.com and will be happy to put together a package for research and sampling assistance to meet your project needs.

Sampling projects past and present