Adventure sports films

One of our first films, from back in 2014. A film about exploring beautiful rivers of Chile and ourselves while in or next to a kayak.

The true sense of adventure appears when you have no plan at all – living from day to day will bring you closer to places and experiences that you once unconsciously dreamed about. It is spontaneous living and coincidence that know the paths to the most astounding places, people and experience…

A never ending intimate relation between human being and Mother Nature becomes even more evident in tight gorges and remote valleys where you feel so amazingly insignificant – just as small as we really are.

We kayakers like spending time with rivers and streams that are vivacious and steep. To find them one should search around high mountains that stop and squeeze the clouds when they are rushing from ocean to inland and catch this amazing cycle where it is most vibrant. Andes in South American Chile and Argentina provide all above and much more. This is a part of our beautiful planet where unknown still exists and gives you an opportunity to really get to know who you are.

Produced and directed by: Rok Rozman
Edit: Rok Rozman
Camera: Rok Rozman, Žan Kunčič, Ben Webb, Guillermo Walsen
Supported by: Sandiline, Pyranha, Ortlieb, Adventure Tehcnology
Music by: Keith Keniff – Portraits pt. 2 Alt J – Nara Alt J – Arrival in Nara

Festival screenings:
Adventure outdoor festival
Soča outdoor festival
Bled film festival
Bovec outdoor film festival
Festival gorniškega filma
Alpi Giulie Cinema 2016

Festival awards:
1st place in Sport and action Short Film at Bovec Outdoor Film Festival 2015
1 st place at Alpi Giulie Cinema