Short films

This series marks the beginning of Leeway Collective. Filmed back in 2014, these were our first video projects in which we challenged ourselves to show our neck of the woods and things we do there in less than 3 minutes. Enjoy!


The inaugural action from 2016 that grow from a crazy idea into the biggest action for rivers in Europe in just few months. Rollercoaster of events to protect last free flowing rivers of Europe shown in short films that were produced in the back seat of the van while driving from one location to the next one (or in bars).

Camera: Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak, Miha Avguštin
Edit: Rožle Bregar, Matic Oblak

Our second annual tour that encompassed two source-to-sea actions and some amazing fly fishing, ski touring and kayaking in Dinaric Alps. Defend Wilderness, get to know her!

Camera: Miha Avguštin, Matic Oblak
Edit: Miha Avguštin, Matic Oblak

Our third tour was a bit different. We travelled from south to north and focused more on direct action than on kayaking.
What happened was a month long voyage of teaming up with passionate locals and telling greedy governments and
individuals why we won’t let them destroy these beautiful rivers. Here is how our actions looked like.

Camera: Matic Oblak, Mitja Legat, Miha Avguštin
Edit: Matic Oblak, Mitja Legat

Another year, another tour. This time we introduced a new concept and visited 2 countries we have never visited before.

Camera: Mitja Legat, Matic Oblak, Timotej Vrtnik
Edit: Mitja Legat, Timotej Vrtnik

The last river tour so far. No big events, no month long trip, just one river and one country, but a big mission – to stop 10 newly proposed dams on the Sava River.

Camera: Rožle Bregar, Mitja Legat
Edit: Rožle Bregar